If the industry remained since its spectacular revolution of the 19th century, the first catalyst of economic growth, the deployment of CTTI SARL on sites in terms of mobility and logistic demonstrate the prominent place of the company in a subregional industriel context at the quest of best performances. Avantages coresponding to the company’s goals with the slogan « Let us build the world !!!».

The early 2000’s marked a turning point  for the young enterprise. CTTI reshapes itself  by opting for the approach : optimizing the client portfolio. From piping to boilermaking, onshore and offshore works, the dozen of companies that have put their trust in us are satisfied. The strict compliance with deadlines and quality of service are at the peak of its performance.

In 2007, that is only three years after its inception, the dream of its promoters to cover the Central African subregion  is moving to its achievement. CTTI is now opened to Chad and the Central African Republic. This is the beginning of the international adventure that positions the company in 2017 in the top 10 in its sector in the subregional ( The excellent among the best).

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