In order to remain among the Cameroonian leaders with deep expertise in industrial facilities, CTTI SARL has put in place some strategies :

  • Innovation

The key factor of the economic development, innovation is more than ever a major issue for companies. It is an essential trigger of long-term growth in order to address the crisis and global competition context as well as to differentiate from competitors, to adapt to the market requirements and to conue to attract its customers.

  • Industrial safety is part of our priorities
  • A relatively young staff trained in high industries and perfectly skilled for taking up great challenges .
  • CTTI SARL is the first company in its category at the national level to have a quality department which translates rigour and finess in its achievements.
  • Far from the quality policy, a scrupulous respect of the time limits is a characteristic that should not be neglected if we want to remain at the top in terms of quality on the Cameroonian highly competitive market of industrial maintenance and implementation.
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