Our quality policy

The aspiration of CTTI SARL is to continue  developing and strengthening its position as major player on the subregional market of works with high delicacy.

It was therefore natural that we undertake this approach of progress and  continual questioning 

This approach is based on our technical and human qualities turned towards renewal of the confidence of our clients to :

  • Enhance our competitiveness while ensuring clients’satisfaction
  • Listen the needs of our clients in order to offer customize, innovative and appropriate solutions to technical and economic requirements ;
  • Promote technologies that are not widely known on the subregional market ;
  • Foster personnal motivation, mainly by offering them an opportunity to make progress, create and innovate  for the good of the firm.
  • Improve the quality of our products
  • The early detection, treatment and analysis of all our conformities to identify risks and possible improvements ;
  • Optimize our functioning
  • By implementing a structured long-term approach, where everybody can express his ideas, get involved in the actions thereby contributing to innovation ;
  • By monitoring our processes and measuring their efficiency in order to improve them ;
  • Take into account health, security and environment on daily basis
  • By developing security within the company in order to achieve zero accident ;
  • By analyzing and monotoring our main environmental impacts including waste and energy consumption.


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